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2024 Human Design Transits Wall calendar (US & CA)

2024 Human Design Transits Wall calendar (US & CA)

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As the planets and celestial objects move through the Human Design gates, similar to how they move through houses in Western astrology, they activate different energies that we can tap into and use to enhance our lives - whether you know your own Human Design or not. This calendar outlines the planetary movements throughout the entire year. 

Some planets are closer to the sun and complete their transit “quicker” than the outer planets and moon nodes. For this reason, the “quick” planets are noted on each day, and the “slower” planets’ activities are noted below the calendar, as they can often span months. 

This calendar was created by hand, so the length of the transit is an approximation; assume the width of the day is the 24-hour period and the beginning of the word “gate” starts around the time the planet moves into that gate. It is based on Eastern Standard Time. 

If you are new to Human Design and unsure of what each gate means, go to where you can: 
- get your free chart 
- subscribe to the weekly email list where I describe the tranits for that week 
- check out the freebie library - purchase your personal Transit Watch Guide 
- a personal report that tells you which transits affect you in a bigger way by activating new channels and centers -and more! 

.: Ledger vertical (11" x 16.5") 
.: 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-gloss silk paper 
.: One page for each month 
: Printed on double sides
.: 7 sheets in total 
.: Hook for easy hanging 
.: Wire-O binder coil 
.: Available in the USA and Canada only (message if you are elsewhere)

NOTE: this calendar does not include moon transits because they move through the 64 gates each month. Moon Transit Journal is in development now!
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