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The Big 3 Human Design Report - Personalized

The Big 3 Human Design Report - Personalized

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This report is packed with info about your Human Design. It includes a page describing Human Design and how to use this info, your bodygraph chart, a summary of your human design, and then a page each for your "Big 3":

- Energy Type: how and when to best interact with others and move through life
- Strategy: how, what and when to invest your energy
- Authority: how we are meant to make decisions

If you are all-in on Human Design and want to learn more about how you are wired, you can also go to to schedule a reading. This can be a reading of your chart, or a conversation about your transit watch cheatsheet.

ONCE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, PLEASE RESPOND TO THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH YOUR BIRTH INFORMATION OR CHART. You will receive your report by email within 2 business days of the receipt of this information.

*accurate birth date, time and location is required. Please note, charts done with guesstimated birth data may not be accurate. Please reach out in advance if you have questions.


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