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Human Design Transit Watch Cheatsheet - Personalized

Human Design Transit Watch Cheatsheet - Personalized

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Are you interested in how the daily planetary transits affect you personally, but you are confused what to do with the info?

The planets are constantly moving. Their placement in the human design system can change as often as every 2 hours like the moon, or over years like pluto. And each time they move into new gates, they give us access to energies that are not in our charts AND they fill in some gaps in our charts, activating new gates, some of which complete a channel and define an additional center.

I will create a personalized cheat sheet for you.* This cheatsheet takes the guesswork out of what to look for when paying attention to planetary transits. It outlines which gates are already active in your chart (white), which gates become activated (grey) and then which of those complete a channel and then define additonal centers (purple). See my transit watch report in images.

ONCE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, PLEASE RESPOND TO THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH YOUR BIRTH INFORMATION OR CHART. You will receive your report by email within 2 business days of the receipt of this information.

*accurate birth date, time and location is required. Please note, charts done with guesstimated birth data may not be accurate. Please reach out in advance if you have questions.

Then what?

1) Make sure you are on my email list where you will receive an email every sunday with where everything is. If you need your chart, go to and you can download your chart and will be added to my email list.

2) Print your report out and have it handy each Sunday.

3) Get a journal and keep track of how you feel through these cycles.

You can also go to to schedule a reading. This can be a reading of your chart, or a conversation about your transit watch cheatsheet.



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